Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Sketching Group at lunch

11" x 15" pencil in double page spread of sketchbook
all sketches copyright Katherine Tyrrell

I'm off to St. Pancras Station tomorrow with my sketching group. I'm posting this to see if anybody recognises themselves from my sketches of some of the members of the group during our lunch in Spitalfields in January. No names, no packdrill!

When sketching people sitting along a table, I always tend to draw the big shape first and then come back and work out how much information I need to provide for each individual. It's an approach which works really well when you're drawing contre jour (against the daylight) as I was - and you can't see a lot of detail in any case!

I love people who wear glasses - they make an additional aid which helps with drawing angles and proportions!


  1. Sounds like an outing to look forward to, Katherine.

    I really admire your people sketches because my mind quickly fills in the features from you extremely economical marks. I bet they do recognise themselves.

  2. I think your people sketches are gorgeous - wonderful to see.


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