Sunday, March 01, 2009

A 'trip' to Borough Market, Southwark

A view of Borough Market from behind the KäseSwiss stand
11.5" x 8.5", coloured pencils in sketchbook

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

I'm way behind with posting my sketches so I'm starting near the end and working backwards!

These are a couple of sketches which I did on Friday when I visited Borough Market, next to Southwark Cathedral, with the Drawing London Group. I should have remembered to take my sketching chair with me but the failure of my laptop that morning made me late setting off and I forgot.

Southwark Cathedral and stallholders in Borough Market
8.5" x 11.5" coloured pencils in sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Standing sketches are limited to either 10 minutes max or can only be done when resting against a suitable bollard - such as the one on the right! Fortunately I found a friendly stall holder with a trolley for the sketch at the top!

I've got more sketches - for later in the week.

It's worth noting that Southwark Cathedral has a very nice refectory which is a bit difficult to find but is a great place to have sit down and a bowl of soup after a hard morning's sketching!

One nice additional twist to sketching at Borough Market on a Friday is that you can do the weekend food shopping before you go home.

Last night we had cod fillet landed at Whitby in North Yorkshire (from the mega fish stall) from Furness Fish and Poultry. Tonight I'm doing a pot roast with some very nice looking brisket from The Ginger Pig who are free range farmers and butchers of rare breeds. These are the details and opening hours of the Ginger Pig Market Stand. Apparently they now also have a Hog Blog! Plus fruit and veggies from assorted stall holders. I could only stand and look at all the wonderful cheese as the "soon to be slimline me" likes her cheese a bit too much and isn't allowed any right now!

There is yet another twist to this tale - which generated the title for this blog post.

People who know me also know I have very dodgy feet (I've got a tissue disability which has led to a spontaneous ruptured instep among other things!) so I have to be very careful as my balance is now very poor. Stairs are a nightmare and you can normally find me hugging the handrail. This time I ignored all my normal risk management techniques and took a purler down the last four steps of the steps inbetween Southwark Cathedral and Borough Market. Luckily I was OK as it could have been a lot worse. Except last night in the bath I found that the bruises have now come out and certain areas of my anatomy are now an interesting shade of blue and very sensitive!



  1. Ouch! We do suffer for our art, don't we?

    Your sketches are wonderful and ethereal looking. Will you turn many of them into larger works?

  2. Your sketches are lovely as usual. Always inspiring - I need to get back to my sketchbook.

  3. Wonderful patterns of colour in that first sketch, Katherine.

    I was greatly enjoying your sketching tales and sympathising over the desire for cheese, so I got quite a shock when you took a tumble. I hope you don't have too much discomfort to go with your bruises.

  4. Well the pride of course took a little dent! ;) However I've fallen down half an escalator in a tube station before now (as well as countless other falls) so I've got used to looking very stupid when falling - hence I now don't refrain from squealing so I can play for sympathy rather than laughs.

    I'm just quietly congratulating myself that this time I've avoided the six weeks on crutches which is the normal result of a fall!

    The ironic thing is that if I'd been carrying my sketching chair I might have taken more care!

  5. I took a tumble myself on Wednesday on our freshly washed floor - like ice. The dogs slide from mat island to mat island. Whoever put such stupid shiny tiles down must have had a death wish. Of course, had I washed the floor myself rather than employing a cleaner, I'd have know it was wet. More wisdom after the event ;)

  6. Oh, no! So sorry you fell, but I think you're right, it could have been much worse. Your instep sounds distressing! Nice sketches, in spite of everything.


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