Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The start of the gouache sketching

I was very good. I used a brush for the first time in ages and resisted the temptation while creating my gouache sketch to reach for the coloured pencils

This is my morning painting of the vineyards and orchards which resulted - done in a Large Moleskine Watercolour Sketchbook.

However after lunch I succumbed - and out came the coloured pencils to finish it off - see below

Do say which you prefer.

The purpose of painting in gouache is to limber up for learning how to paint in oils. However it also makes an excellent base for coloured pencils. The texture you get from using coloured pencils on top of NOT paper is of course also interesting.


  1. Bravo,for resisting temptation, Katherine. How long since you have used a brush? I like it very much. Also the pencil. I asked on your group comments --but perhaps it belongs, here-- the pencils must take longer to do than the gouache
    because of the necessity of building so many layers? Or not?

  2. I like them both - the first is freer and the second more finished and polished. I think the difference is between instinct and thought. Looking forward to seeing your oils (a whole different experience!). What worries me is that you are tempting me to try yet another medium!

  3. The multimedia version adds to the spontaneity of the sketch, that is, to its "sketchy" quality.

    Very nice work.


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