Monday, June 20, 2011

Another perspective on Couguiuex

You've seen the view out from the terrace (in Breakfast sketch from the terrace and Sketching on the terrace at Couguieux) - and below you can see what it looks like when sat next to the road looking back at the area of the terrace and its immediate vicinity.

The Terrace at Couguieux
11" x 16", pen and ink and coloured pencils in Moleskine 
We sit here in the morning drinking our cups of tea and coffee and gather again in the evening for our aperitifs - and mulling over what to do next.

The wall at Couguiuex
11" x 16", pen and ink and coloured pencils in Moleskine

We had some cloud and rain here on Friday and Saturday. The wall was started while it was still cloudy while the ta-errace was sketched after the blue sky and sunshine returned on Saturday afternoon.

Today it's very hot again - as we discovered on our walk to and from the local market!


  1. I do love your sketches of Couguiuex, Katherine. Those walls of yours that I always like... And the two earlier ones of sketching there. Especially the one of Sarah painting.
    I meant to add to that earlier comment how impressive your sketch of Sarah is. I don't remember seeing a large figure sketch like that before on your blogs. Usually, your people that I see are part of a bigger scene. What have I been missing? I will have to comb through your blogs looking for more figures to enjoy.

  2. AnonymousJune 20, 2011

    Your color pencil work fascinates me all the time.. Such great work!


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