Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The view of Mont Ventoux from Crillon Le Brave

This is the view from the terrace at the Hotel Crillon Le Brave.  In the distance is Mont Ventoux and its incredible indigo violet blue slopes and the town of Bedoin.

I spent Sunday afternoon there - having lunch, sketching each course as it appeared (see below). For the record, my lunch was
  • Soupe de Pöisson, Crouton et Aioli mediterranean fish soup, aioli and croutons
  • Thon à la Planche, Salade Fenoil, Tartibe de'Aioli tuna steak, shaved fennel salad and aioli tartine
  • a floating island in lavender
My Sunday Lunch
and sketching the view from my seat.

Restaurant Terrace - Hotel Crillon Le Brave - from my lunch table
At the end of the afternoon I ventured out into the sun and sat at the edge of the terrace and sketched the view of Mont Ventoux and Bedoin from Crillon Le Brave.

Coming back to the house via Bedoin I ran into the most incredible holiday traffic (it was a French holiday weekend) an inched my way down the main street.  I think there had been a major cycle race up Mont Ventoux.


  1. Just loving your food sketches - nothing like vicarious eating (zero calories!).

  2. I really love your work.


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