Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The water and birds return to West Lake

At long last, after far too long, the water and birds are beginning to return to the West Lake in Victoria Park in East London.  The swans are back as are are the gulls and the geese - but there's no sign yet of the ducks or the coots.

I sat at the balcony at the Pavilion Cafe last week, ate a veggie brunch washed down with a mug of builders tea, and sketched plein air the view that I've often drawn before.

The water - and birds - return to West Lake
pen and sepia ink and coloured pencils in Moleskine Sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
The water level is at a stage where the birds give a very good imitation of walking on water.  Apparently it's going to take 12 weeks for it to fill to the level it should be.

The sun came out as I sketched and, of course, changed all the colours!

Below is a photo of the birds after somebody dumped some bread into the water right next to me!



  1. Very nice. I've just found your blog and glad I did. As someone who has just discovered Sepia ink and who is keen to take his new Moleskine sketchbook for a spin, I find your work very inspiring.

  2. I've really enjoyed these 2 posts about the park, especially your lovely, fresh sketches & great descriptions and history.

  3. Victoria Park holds a special place in my heart as both my husband and I grew up nearby. It was so lovely to see your photographs and your sketches have a delightful, light-handed quality.

  4. Beautiful. I love this post. It's so atmospheric, I feel I'm there!

  5. I really enjoyed your travel narratives ... and the sketches add a special feel to it.


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